Hall of Shame

Bayside Car Dealership Ordered to Pay Restitution after Allegedly Scamming Customers

"Rent-to-Own" Company Slammed for Scam

FTC Sends Nearly $1.5 Million to Victims of Bronx Honda's Illegal Financing and Sales Practices

Scammy Company Pays Big for Helping Other Scammy Companies Scam People Like You

Credit Repair Scams Are Exploding—FTC Hits Another Company with Fines

Student Debt Relief Scheme Banned from Selling and Telemarketing. And Ordered to Pay Back Millions

NutraClick Pays a Million for Tricking Consumers - Again

"Piggybacking" Credit Repair Company Deceived Consumers

A Miracle!!! No, Wait... a Con!

Office Depot Caught Tricking Customers. They're Fined $34 Million.

9 Billion Paid by Volkswagen to Owners Hoodwinked by "Clean Diesel" Ads!

Can a Big Bank Be Bad? Very Bad?

FTC: If You're Cash-Strapped, You're Target for Sleazy Robocalls

Robocalls: Millions from Just One Telemarketers! But Gets Nailed by the FTC

$40 Million Penalty for Helping Scammers Scam People Like You

"Imposter" Scams Take Top Spot in Fraud Reports for 2019!

Bogus Money-Making Scheme Defrauded Millions

Fake Online Reviews! Fake Social Media Posts! FTC Nails Two Bad Players...

Are You Getting a Refund Check?

Big-time For-Profit "University" Faces 191 Million-dollar Settlement for False Advertising

What Spreads Faster Than the Virus?

Top Executives Done for Fraud!