Money & You

Most people don't understand the role of money in their life. That's life as it happens. But money is more than just the cash in your pocket or your mobile payments.

Let's look at common money mistakes and financial scams. Once you understand the dangers and pitfalls, you simply hop over them like a pro.

Once you have this down, you're set to make the best decisions for YOU!

So, what's happening to people out there?

First, There Are Accidental Money Mistakes.

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Like this common payment fail...

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or this credit card crash...

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or big tech manipulation...

That may sound negative, but fortunately, it's not going to be you!

You've seen these mistakes being made, so you won't fall for the same ones. Right?

Additionally, here are 3 major points to take away from these videos:

1) Careless actions can haunt you for years, regardless of your income.

Paying attention and thinking through your decisions, do the opposite.

Which one would you choose?

2) Good credit can help you in life.

Bad credit will make your life much more complicated and expensive than it needs to be.

Where is your focus?

3) You can't automatically trust everything that is being said.

Do some basic research and make your own thoughtful decisions.

Remember, no product or service is free (except FoolProof ;) ). If it doesn't cost money, then you are the product.


Here are 3 scams to arm yourself against:

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Money flipping scams...

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payment app scams...

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or phishing scams...


You know what to watch out for now. Nice.

Dive deeper? More scams here.

And then there's the high-risk world of cryptocurrency.

That's a whole other can of worms to get in financial trouble, get ripped off, or scammed, unfortunately.

Watch the crypto module intro...

Want to dive deeper?
Check out our module about crypto.

Ok, scams and mistakes happen. Cool.

But you're FoolProof, because you follow these three steps:


You know your spending limits and you won't be pressured into purchases.


You see through ads and know "Is this right for me?".


You know how to spot scams and not fall for them.

It's not that hard!

Work these into your everyday life and you'll be amazed with the results!

"Those who know cannot be fooled."

FoolProofian Proverb