Advanced Budgeting

Late payments, fees and interest. Just a few words that come to mind when you say "money trouble".

Here's your reality check!

Hey! Lots of us struggle keeping track of our money.

Don't worry! We have some simple tips to follow to help you get control of your finances.

But first, why does it matter?

Two Words...

Interest & Fees!

Next time you pay your bills—add up all the interest and fees you pay. Then figure out how many hours you have to work to pay those.

Remember—it's not your hourly pay, it's your post-tax, take-home rate!

Take It a Step Further:

Set a timer at work and realize everything you do


Keeping Your Hard-Earned Money

So let's look at how to knock those out.

Online or Off?

Make sure that you keep track of your finances in just one place, either online, or offline. Either is fine, whichever suits you best. Make your pick, and stick to it.

Check it out.

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Create a Budget

Remember that from "Basic Budgeting"?

If you have $10 in your pocket and go shopping, you won't spend more than what you have in your hand.

Organize your finances in the same way. If you know how much money you make and need to pay every month, it's easier to stay on target.

Need a refresher?
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Use the Tools Available

Make use of all the apps and tools out there.

They can make your life easier, and keep track of your budget.

But do research, and pick just one or two.

And do remember...

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It's Time to up Your Privacy Game

There’s a major scrimmage happening continually in the digital world. You need to get off the bench and get into the game to safeguard your personal, financial and identity information, now!

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Are Payment Apps Safe?

Are they safe for your money and your budget? That all depends how you handle them...Do proper due diligence before use, starting with watching this video.

Did you get that about payment apps?

Payment apps like Venmo don't have a dispute system and should only be used with people you trust. Once the money is gone, there's no getting it back!

And Finally:
Pay Your Bills on Time!

Always. No matter what you do.

Pay your bills on time!

Now that you have your budget, make sure to pay your bills (in full) every month, credit cards included. Even if it includes having to open your email every day or check your online environments (hey, you chose online, remember!).

Cool, Cool.

We Need a Fix!

The Secret to Smart Spending

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