Avoiding The Debt Trap

Interactive Account Balancing

You will mess up your checking account if you don't do these two things regularly.

1) Always deduct all check amounts and other withdrawals from your balance. It's called "balancing" your checking account.

Why do most people bounce checks or overdraw their accounts?

  • They don't know how much money they have in their checking accounts.
  • They write a check for more than they have in their accounts.
  • Bingo! The bank gets fat and their credit is slammed, along with their pocketbook.
  • All that happened because they didn't keep up with their checking account balance.

2) Always "reconcile" your bank statement.

At least once a month (but more often, if you bank online) see that the money you know you've spent matches the money your checking account statement says you've spent.

Okay, here come's the bad news: You've got to really learn how to balance your account and reconcile your statement. We make it pretty effortless with the FoolProof interactive balancing program.

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