Ever since I was a child, my siblings and I would utilize our free time on a gaming website that we had been playing for years; it was called ROBLOX. However, I do not play this game anymore and I am pretty sure children nowadays are aware of this game.

My siblings and I saw this advertisement that stated that players could earn "free" in-game currency by typing in a credit number. I thought this was great, and the advertisement looked like it was legit, Nothing sketchy, and I totally believed it. I was uneducated about this, as you will see.

We decided to try and get the in-game currency online from ROBLOX—for free without any redeem cards—by typing in our mother's credit number. It was just that one time. "Just one time wouldn't hurt at all," I thought.

Afterwards, nothing happened; we did not get any in-game currency. "Weird," I thought. Then we tried to gather some in-game currency again, and two tries became three, three tries became nine, and so on and so forth. But nothing had happened to our in-game currency in the end.

It came to the point where my mother had received a call from her bank and stated that her money was being spent on a scammed program.

My mother came to us and found out that we had spent at least $400 on her credit card. We had been using our mother's credit and charged my mother so many fees; my siblings and I had been scammed.

I watched my mother tried to pay off every thing, and only then I began to realize how extremely hard it was to pay off all these charges (and fees) that my siblings and I put on the card.

From there, I learned from my mistake and now I take extra caution on what I spend online. The FoolProofMe program helped me to become a skeptic analyzer, also. I never fall for advertisement that seems too good to be true, especially for gaming ads (like earning in-game currency for giving away any credit).

This is my story, and I hope you can share my experience with everyone else in the world!

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