Online Safety

Who is not online these days? Virtually everyone is! However, not everyone knows how to stay safe online.

Do you need a crash course in online safety? How do you improve your web browsing? Should you be worried about online privacy? How do you enhance your privacy and security?

Your Smart Robot Vacuum Could Be Hacked!

Do You Care About Your Online Privacy?

Have a kid? Go to TikTok

Video: AI - From Fun to Violations

AI: From Fun to Violations

Stop Your Apps from Needlessly Sharing Your Location!

Are You Easily Scammed Online?

Rylie's Concert Ticket Scam

Identifying Spam Accounts

Kay's Microsoft "Locked" Computer Scam

Stop iPhones from Spying on Kids

Are Deepfake Videos Impacting You?

Ever Heard of Malvertising?

Are "Free" Apps Ever Free?

Learn to Recognize Deepfake Videos

Are QR Codes Handy or Harmful?

Phishing for a Friend

Beware of Online Popups

Teen Bubbles Are Bursting with Scam Opportunities

Protect Your Privacy and Reduce the Data Collected About You with These Tips

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