Online Safety

Who is not online these days? Virtually everyone is! However, not everyone knows how to stay safe online.

Do you need a crash course in online safety? How do you improve your web browsing? Should you be worried about online privacy? How do you enhance your privacy and security?

Life Hack: Identifying Spam Accounts on Social Media

Finding the Right Internet Source and Using It Safely

10 Principles for Your Online Privacy

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Are You Media Literate?

Childhood Manipulation Online: A kid speaks

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Are Your Kids Smart when It Comes to Technology?

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ATMs, Gas Pumps, and Websites - Oh My!

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Are Marketers Mining Data off Your Cell Phone?

Pat's Technical Support Scam

Are All of Your Internet Connected Devices Protected?

WhatsApp Scams Galore!

Is Your Phone Being Stalked?

¿Compras Cada Vez Más en Línea? ¡Los Ladrones También!

Shopping Online More? Thieves Are Too!

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