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The Coronavirus, The Economy, Your Money: Thoughtful Decisions Win

Here's one sure thing: Thinking rather than just reacting is one habit we all need right now. That's why FoolProof created this page.

We think these resources will help you make thoughtful decisions—rather than knee-jerk decisions—when it comes to the virus, your money, and the economy.

Scammers and sketchy businesses are circling around all those issues, right now.

We believe you can inoculate yourself from the bad guys and bad decisions by being a healthy, thoughtful skeptic.

And we think our stuff is a pretty good antidote to bad decisions.

See if we’re right!

Money Tips for a Financial Crisis

Self Care Without Breaking the Bank

Spotlight September 2020

Jessica Thought She'd Heard It All

What You Should Know About Unexpected or Surprise Medical Bills

What You Need to Know About Mortgage Forbearance

Spotlight June 2020

Make Healthy Skepticism a Habit! 10 Easy Steps to Improve Your Financial Habits

Robocalls - Do You Feel (Un)Lucky?

18 or under? Questions About the Coronavirus?

Spotlight May 2020

Needs Vs. Wants: Getting Down and Dirty with That Budget

What Spreads Faster Than the Virus?

Are Scammers Preying on Your Economic Impact Payment?

Watch Out for Fake Masks and Medications!

Over 90 Million Coronavirus-Impacted Kids Need Financial Literacy Now.

Need Emergency Help with Money and Food?

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Predators

How to See through the Schemes of Fraudsters

Spotlight April 2020