How to Be an Independent Woman

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Your independence will be directly tied to money.

And here's a fact: We all waste more money that we know! We waste it because we're not thinking, or because we're being tricked.

Inmates, Loved Ones, and Unlimited Minutes

Self Care Without Breaking the Bank

How to Avoid the Rental Listing Scam?

Tika's Lottery Scam

What You Need to Know About Mortgage Forbearance

Can Your Credit Card Limit Be Lowered?

Robocalls - Do You Feel (Un)Lucky?

Needs Vs. Wants: Getting Down and Dirty with That Budget

Medical Testing: Free or Fraudulent?

Start Your Own Business – Profits Guaranteed!

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Predators

What Makes a Source Trustworthy?

How Much Do You Spend on Subscriptions in a Year?

Should You Get a Student Loan?

The Money is Free, But It'll Cost You – Huh?

Are You a Sucker for Student Loans?

Work Disruption Can Lead to Bills Piling Up

Your Favorite Celeb Has HOW Many Followers?

Worried About Your Budget Right Now? Be Proactive!

Think Twice Before You One-Click Purchase

FoolProof & Walter Cronkite

"The FoolProof Foundation believes there is a fundamental flaw in the teaching of financial literacy."

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