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Having trouble looking for a good free internet service? Worry no more. Watch the video and follow our tips and tricks right now.

Also check out the resources below!

Free WIFI or free hotspots near you:


But if you use public WIFI make sure you use it safely:

Use a VPN with public wi-fi/hotspots even if you must log in but not a free one because they actually aren't very private or secure.


Get Emergency Broadband
The "get emergency broadband" service is a short term service - it will end when it runs out of money or 6 months after the Department of Health & Human services declares an end to the COVID-19 health emergency, whichever is sooner.

Lifeline is an on-going service that provides a discount of up to $9.25/month for qualifying broadband or bundled services.

Another option is local broadband companies may offer an inexpensive internet plan or have a plan for those with a low-income.