Are you unknowingly bombarding friends with random tweets with dark links? Sharing pictures and clickbait links on Instagram without your knowledge? Is your Facebook spontaneously liking pages?

Any good social media platform will have a support section that will help.

If so, you have probably been hacked on social media! Below are fixes for some common platforms, but first, let's learn how you got hacked!

Sometimes, companies and services get hacked by various hacking methods, which may compromise your login, personal and even financial information to scammers and hackers.

Other times, your password is the easiest way for scammers and hackers to gain control of your accounts, and thus your life. Unfortunately, most of us don't learn until it is too late, to not use the same simple password for all programs and any other online accounts (this puts you at a higher risk of being hacked!).

Either way, if you've been hacked, someone is pretending to be you, trying to steal your financial information or money, spamming your friends, or generally hoping to get better off on your dime. Stop that right away!

Some rules of thumb that may help:

  • Choose unique, strong passwords or passphrases, using uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and odd characters, and use a different one for all of your web stuff (here are some real helpful tips)

  • If possible, make sure you use "two-step" verification for web services you use to add additional security, and potentially stop most hacks

  • Check whether your account was compromised in a hack by using resources such as, Have I Been Pwned? and Scattered Secrets

  • Change your passwords right away for ALL of your online accounts if any of your social media accounts get hacked (chance are hackers have access to other services or platforms you use, so it' important to try and beat them to it)

Alright, now we got that out of the way, let's see how we can fix some of your social media accounts.


  • Change your password in the Facebook settings

    • On this page you will also find an overview of browsers and devices used to log in (end all sessions that are suspicious!)

  • Let Facebook know you probably got hacked and indicate that someone has had access to your account without your permission (Facebook will check into it and help you further)

  • If you have more questions or problems, refer to their "hacked accounts" section


  • Change your password if you still have access to your account

  • Revoke the access of suspicious external apps on this page

  • Can't log in anymore? Contact Instagram to send a security code to your e-mail address or telephone number (this is how you confirm that you are the owner of your account)

  • If you cannot restore the account, or if you have any other problems or questions, refer to Instagram's "hacked accounts" help section


  • In settings, change your password

    • While you're there, end sessions and connections with third-party applications right away

    • Revoke access for applications from people you do not know, and end sessions that were not started by you

  • Can't regain access? Still have trouble? Refer to Twitter's "hacked accounts" help section

If you've been hacked on a social media platform not described above, the steps to regaining control of your account are likely going to be similar.

When in doubt, change your password, gain full access to your account and stop the hackers in their tracks. Any good social media platform will have a support section that will help. Go check it out right away!

Alright, that's about it for now. Good luck keeping your online accounts safe!