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FoolProofMe is all about becoming a "Healthy Skeptic."


Middle & High School Curriculums

Lessons That Will Last a Lifetime

The staggering amount of time kids spend on digital devices makes them particularly vulnerable to marketers.

FoolProof's Curriculums provides a powerful antidote. It empowers kids at a critical time in their development by teaching healthy skepticism.

Kids who use the Curriculums will be better equipped to avoid scams, resist impulse buying and recognizing manipulative marketing techniques.

The FoolProof Curriculums go beyond traditional financial literacy.

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"Teaching Healthy Skepticism Makes FoolProof Unique."
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Consumer Groups Endorsing the Curriculums

Financial Literacy for Middle & High School Students?
It Isn't Working.

"Highly Conflicted"* financial institutions that benefit when consumers make money mistakes provide most financial literacy training. Right now, that problem can be fixed here in New York.

Our Solution

Our Solution

Providing Teachers an Agenda-Free
Financial Literacy Curriculum

The FoolProof Foundation provides teachers a complete and free financial literacy curriculum—it's free of any hidden agendas and shaped by teachers and consumer advocates, not marketers.

Thanks to teacher word-of-mouth, in 2015, our curriculum received 30 million page views by students nationwide.


Free, turnkey financial literacy curriculum. Designed by teachers, for teachers. We offer turnkey versions of our curriculum for middle and high schools, colleges, homeschooling and individual study.

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FoolProof New York Committee

Our goal is to continuously update our information and get the FoolProof curriculum in front of as many teachers as possible. We need feet-on-the-ground and funding to accomplish this. We could use your help.

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Walter Cronkite Project

The Project's Goal: FoolProof free. For all teachers. Forever.

Learn about our foundation's Walter Cronkite Project.

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FoolProof & Walter Cronkite

"The FoolProof Foundation believes there is a fundamental flaw in the teaching of financial literacy."

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